Rumble Fish


Ken Norton (left) is pummeled by George Foreman in their 1974 heavyweight title fight in Caracas, Venezuela. Foreman won by KO in the 2nd round.

I was reminded this last week of this group online called Worldstar Hiphop, who collect online videos of crazy things seen on the street sent to them by fans. One of the things they seem to aggregate often is a bunch of street fights from all over the world.

The combatants could be school classmates, coworkers, any two people who want to settle a dispute fight. It’s usually two fighters of the same gender, usually using fists to decide a winner, although there are usually exceptions with each rule that could apply. Sometimes UFC or wrestling like maneuvers wind up ending things, like an unscripted body slam or a chokehold.

From what I’ve seen, the more of a mismatch the fight is, the more memorable it winds up being. We all seem addicts to the spectacular failure, right?  If a fight ends in a one punch knockout, with the loser snoring on the concrete, we think it’s something funny, and not the damage done that is likely permanent to the defeated fighter.

But I guess everyone has their pornography, even if it isn’t pornographic.


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