Hot, But Not Ready

One of my Facebook friends who recently moved out west reminded me of how some things in life are falsely advertised. In the case of my friend, it was a bank being advertised as a convenient bank being inconvenient in her opinion. 

In most of the decade of the 2000’s, I lived in Largo, not too far from the high school. Within walking distance from the apartment was a Little Caesars pizza restaurant, who had “Hot And Ready” pizzas for five dollars. 

In the middle of the afternoon is when I’d often visit the joint, before afternoon rush hour would hit. I’d order the “Hot And Ready” pizza, and there was no one else there except the staff and me most instances I was there. 

I can’t tell you how many times I waited at least 15 minutes to get the so called “Hot And Ready” pizza. I never bitched about the fact that this was false advertising. Why overstate the obvious?

Since I’ve been in Pinellas Park, I haven’t been to Little Caesars. Even if I knew where one was, I’d avoid them like the plague. 


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