No, Soliciting (Is) Allowed

It is illegal where I live to have people doing door-to-door soliciting, but it doesn't stop people from making the attempt. Early in the morning yesterday, such an attempt was made. Some candidate running for our local county commission was collecting signatures.

The schemer in me (which sometimes controls my mouth) asked if there was information I could look at, which he left with me. Originally, I thought about sharing that information here, but that may not be in the best interests of fairness.

I didn't ask the gentleman if he was aware of his soliciting being illegal, nor did I inform him of same. Nor did I give my signature. It's the duty job to enforce their rules, not mine to play their police officer.

There was a time in my life when I would be willing to be a social justice warrior, but that time in my life has come and gone. I just want people to leave me alone these days. I don't bother anyone, so why should they bother me?

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