Game Of Pundits


I’ve recently noticed something watching cable news, mainly watching FNC and CNN, and it has made me wonder what took me so long to see this.

Each network has a lot of pundits that they want you to hear. On CNN its liberal, on FNC, conservatives. What I have noticed is who each network hires to serve the opposition.

On FNC, the main liberal pundits, or the selection of them, want to give you the hidden impression that they’re flawed somehow. I see Marie Harf, a nice looking blonde woman and a former State Department spokesperson, on FNC often being shouted down on Outnumbered.

Then there’s Jessica Tarlov, who has this sound to her when she speaks friends of mine find annoying. Or Richard Fowler, who leaves some wondering when he speaks whether or not he’s gay, not that this any of my business or that he is.

CNN’s main Trump go-to guy is Jeffrey Lord, and older gentleman who serves his role well as their agent provocateur.

I think it’s like product placement in a movie or TV show really. There to distract you so you’re thinking about how they look or how they talk as opposed to actually hearing what they say. Maybe it’s been there a while, I don’t know.

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