Unangered Management

One of the biggest flaws in my life is my inability to nip things in the bud, to set things straight when someone takes advantage of a situation.

I don’t know when this all began. I just think when someone does this, two things come to mind. First, why is it my responsibility to fix things. Second, what will happen when I do? What will the consequences be?

I never have thought it was a bad idea to stay out of the way when a conflict arises, but I’m also beginning to think that constantly doing so only gets you closer to a conflict you can’t get out of.

Case in point: someone in my life will ask the same questions over and over again. When I answer the same way, and point out when I had answered the same question, oh boy! It seems that it becomes my fault when others don’t listen.

Maybe the key is not to talk so much, but hey, I’m already a “quiet” person. Sometimes you can’t go lower than a basement.

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