The Start Menu Hot Mess

Maybe this is happening to some of you, but my Windows 10 computer has been acting up lately.  Not the entire computer, but the Windows 10 operating system itself has gone a bit wonky on me.

When I try and hit the start button (the windows logo on the left of the taskbar if set on the bottom of the screen), occasionally nothing would happen. So, as anyone can do, I consulted the oracles of both Google and YouTube. I tried many of the possible solutions, but for my particular problem, but none of them worked.

I remembered that there were some programs out there that offer a Windows 7-type environment for the Windows 10 computer, and I'd rather have a start menu that functions as opposed to an unreliable one. So, I downloaded a program called Classic Shell, and voila, the problem has gone away.

Maybe sometimes, you have to go back to get to the future.


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