Quality or Quantity?

I decided on Monday to cut back the number of blog entries per week you’ll be seeing here. As was the case a few years ago, I am going back to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday schedule, four entries as opposed to six per week.  Fridays and Saturdays I’ll continue to throw the Flashbacks, Airchecks, and Quotable Quotes at you, as I really enjoy doing those.

Nothing is changing life-wise (at least not at present), it’s just becoming a bit of a struggle to come up with good entries as of late, so I figure if I “slow my roll” just a touch, it’ll keep me fresh and I’ll be able to articulate better on each entry, as opposed to throwing something against a wall and seeing what sticks.

I’ve been doing this blog now for nearly six years, and I’m closing in on 1,500 entries total over that stretch. I think I this blog of my little work of art and (hope I’m not being too corny here) my legacy, and I treat it as such. Rest assured readers, I’m not going away, Lord willing and if the creek doesn’t rise.


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