The Eclipse And The Nostalgia File


For a couple of minutes at various times across a swath of the country here in the United States on Monday, time stood still. It didn’t matter whether or not you liked President Trump, what your worldview is on racism or Russia, or whether or not you were a Republican or a Democrat. You took those fleeting moments out of your time and you viewed nature’s universal wonder: the first total eclipse seen in the USA since 1979.

Someone had a pretty good day on Monday, and if you know this blog, you know this made me happy.

Only an astronomical event could explain why Bonnie Tyler was on American TV more times in a seven-hour span than she’s been in the past thirty years combined. But there she was, on ABC twice, plus The Weather Channel, NBC, and CNN. (If you thought she appeared drunk on her last ABC appearance around 2:40pm or so, I’d have to agree.) I was under the impression she’d perform her 1983 mega-ballad “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” with Joe Jonas and the DNCE Band during those few minutes of totality when the sun disappears and it gets, well, totally dark. For some reason, that didn’t pan out as I had thought. Maybe the whole BMI/ASCAP royalty rights thing was an issue, but that’s just my amateur guess.

With “Total Eclipse” hitting number one on the iTunes charts Monday, some people on the Internet are wondering if this will this lead to a comeback of some sort.  Do I see Tyler getting another album released in the States as was the case in 1996 (the year after Nicki French’s remake of “Eclipse” went to #2 on the charts) with an album called Free Spirit? Yes, because she does have an album coming up for release in the next few months. (She’s had 16 studio albums to this point, but many of them weren’t released in America once her popularity waned here in the late 80’s.) Do I think such an album would do well? No, though I hope I’m wrong on that score. I just base that on how much of a dud her ’96 album was, but with other changes in the music industry such as downloadable music, maybe the right time for a comeback has arrived.

Nevertheless, the day of the eclipse was a day to remember for many reasons, but mainly because it should be a reminder to us all how little we matter in the grand scheme of things within the universe. We have to remember we all live under the same sky sometimes. Looking forward to our next eclipse in 2024, Lord willing.


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