Flashback: “Centerfold” by The J. Geils Band

I have to admit this is not my favorite song by J. Geils, but it is the most appropriate one I could think of following the news Wednesday night that Hugh Hefner had passed at the age of 91.

You heard this song everywhere in the spring of 1982, and for good reason. It went to the top of the Billboard pop charts and stayed their six weeks. It always struck me as one of those songs on the radio that was (no pun intended here) overexposed – a good song for its era but in the age of internet pornography available at the stroke (didn’t intend that pun, either) of a keyboard or a mouse, the song seems a bit dated.

As for Hugh Hefner, he was an iconic figure no doubt, though I was born in 1971 and became the legal age to buy his magazines in 1989. By that time, Playboy was pretty much the Disney movie of men’s magazines, and I was much more interested in Penthouse and Hustler because you, ahem, saw more reading those. The stuff you’ve read about Playboy having superior articles is absolutely true, by the way.

Odd that Hefner and Jerry Lewis died a few weeks apart in the same year at the age of 91, isn’t it, considering they were both philanthropists at opposite ends of the spectrum, you might say.

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