The Great Crepitation Contest Of 1946

There was a lot of sad news this past week, and with the current headlines striking no resemblance to good news or no end to current controversies, I thought you all could use a laugh – I know I can use one. I know this is in a bit of poor taste, but considering what passes for good taste these days, I didn’t think most of you would mind.

(This was originally referred to on here back on December 27, 2011, back in the infancy of this blog. I thought it was worth mentioning again.)

I used to hear Neil Rogers play this bit around the holidays (either Thanksgiving or Christmas), to fill some airtime. Listeners would be busy with their lives (or not – Neil used to openly fear that those who listen to him live vicariously through him) around those times, or perhaps making travel plans to visit friends and family those times of the year. He wouldn’t get too many calls, and the calls he’d get around the holidays would request to hear this bit, as it had become a staple of the “Neilies” of that time who’d listen to his midday shows on WIOD (simulcasted up here in Tampa on WSUN for a time, which is how I heard of it) and later WQAM.

This was recorded in 1946, mind you. (I thought for sure when I first heard the bit it was recorded in the 50’s, maybe even the early 60’s.) World War II had ended the year before, and radio was still the medium of choice. Televisions were around, but really wouldn’t become a common medium for up to another decade. Up in Canada, CBC sportscaster Sidney S. Brown and producer Jules Lipton recorded this up in Toronto as an in-house practical joke. But the recording somehow made the rounds, becoming a novelty party record of its era. I couldn’t imagine Joe Buck or Bob Costas having the chutzpah to pull something like this off, but it worked for Mr. Brown, I suppose.

Oh – if you haven’t figured out what crepitating is, it will become clear once the “contest” gets going.

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