Dogs And Buns

When I worked in the radio business back in the 1990’s, I’d go up and down the busy thoroughfares of Pinellas County, Florida. The busiest such road at the time (and still is) was Ulmerton Road, which connects to Interstate 275 over to Tampa and all other points away from the area.

In the early 1990’s, someone got the bright idea to vend hot dogs on the side of the busy road. Then someone got the even brighter idea that the vendors should be women wearing these relatively new bikinis revealing a lot more derrière than before.

I’m sure if I said I used to go get hot dogs there just to eat that it’d go over as well as saying that I read Playboy just for the articles. Honestly, it was a little of both. The women weren’t bad to look at, though I think some of them were a bit hassled being ogled by horny men. Never had a bad experience food wise, though.

One day, I read in the papers that a couple of these female vendors were stationed a bit too close to each other on US 19. What happened next left many men wishing they had been there to eyewitness: a brawl broke out between the two ladies, with must have been a test of the fabric they scantily wore.

After that, the city governments started cracking down on this local amusement of sorts, regulating what bikinis the ladies wore, making sure they were a bit less exposed.

It wound up being another one of those numerous cautionary tales about killing golden geese, and there being too much of anything good, and how such things don’t last.

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