The Harvey Card


Let me introduce you to one my silly little theories about life. Also, let me tell you up front how accurate or inaccurate my theory is, just that it’s based on what I’ve noticed in the world in my 46 plus years on it.

I believe that what most people called conspiracy theories are basically just a series of facts that people don’t want to admit to for a variety of reasons. Further, totally different sets of these facts or theories can have a symbiotic relationship most of us can’t comprehend, and thus, when society has a hard time believing one set of ideas as fact, sometimes another set of events occurs or is revealed from recent history that’s easier to believe. It’s almost of it these subsequent events happen as if you would draw a card from a Monopoly game if you landed on the “Chance” or “Community Chest” spaces.

We just had such a duality of events these past two weeks. People weren’t believing some of the events as were being described in the aftermath of the shooting in Las Vegas, such as the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, could have acted alone. It was also hard to believe someone in this day and age couldn’t have left “electronic footprints” on social media or on the Internet, but this guy allegedly did just that.

Almost as if some higher power in the media had a magic wand, we found out this week of a story in Hollywood that had to have been known in some circles for a few decades about the film mogul Harvey Weinstein. A menagerie of  actresses (including some household names such as Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd) came forward accusing Weinstein of various degrees of misconduct and sexual harassment. reminiscent of the sudden convergence of accusations that clouded now disgraced actor and comedian Bill Cosby a few years ago.

Let me be clear: I’m not saying these things being alleged didn’t happen. I’m saying it’s worth noting how one allegation triggered another allegation, and so forth and so on. Another thought that comes to mind that if a big-time bigwig like Weinstein could get away with something like this for many years, it makes me wonder what went on in the so called “B-movies” Hollywood puts out that place emphasis on horror and sex. I imagine the tales in that realm were a bit creepier and more lurid.

Am I surprised this goes in Hollywood? Hell, no. I’m saying stories like these put trust back in the media (the same media that quashed the story a few times in the last decade or so) whenever they seem to lose trust elsewhere. Just trying to keep perspective when the news media often seem to lose theirs. Weinstein will get his day in court if criminally and/or civilly charged, and the chips will fall from that as they may.

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