Somewhere In The Atlantic

For only the second time in this blog’s history, I’m typing this from somewhere other than my home. Where I am specifically I don’t rightly know, other that I’m on the Victory Casino cruise somewhere in the Atlantic a few miles out to sea.

This was the trip I was going to take last month, but Hurricane Maria had other plans. Right now, I’m on the fourth deck, with an empty entertainment stage to my right. It’s dark in here, which kind of reminds me of the strip clubs I use to frequent when I was younger. The swaying of the boat is another experience entirely.

The main entertainment here is gambling, which like a strip club, serves the same purpose: to entertain you while ridding you of your money. Playing those slot machines did that after a brief see-saw session, which wasn’t too bad. It gave me time to write this entry. Almost like I had drawn it up, I suppose.

The bus ride over was smooth. You take 275 to 4 to a couple of toll roads, 417 and 528. It took about two and a half hours to get over here, despite a bottleneck near the Tampa Airport and another east of Tampa on I-4.

Despite the loss, I’m enjoying myself. After all, it was a gift from my mother who thought it’d be good for me to get in a getaway day. It’ll be after sunset when I get home in a few hours. Meanwhile, the sounds of nearby slot machines keep me company.

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