Game 7 From Another Dimension

With the help of the 18th edition of Out Of The Park Baseball, I’ve been running my own 2017 season all year long. I was the “general manager” of the Tampa Bay Rays, while the computer controlled the other 29 teams. I thought I did well getting the Rays to go 85-78 (in my sim, they beat Houston in a playoff for the last wild card spot, then lost to the Twins in the wild card play in game) with a team that went 80-82 in real life.

What I found interesting about my specific simulation was that it correctly predicted six of the ten playoff teams that made it this season. It had the Red Sox, Indians, Twins, Cubs, Nationals, and Dodgers right, while the Rangers, Rays, Mets, and Reds all made the playoffs in the sim while not making it for real.

The World Series in my sim went seven games. I type this on Tuesday afternoon, so either Houston won the world championship last night (as you see this) or the real life Series went the full seven games.

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