Manhattan, And Some Deeper Thinking

We began October of 2017 with a vile attack on concertgoers in Las Vegas. Yesterday, we ended the month with the first terrorist attack using a vehicle as a weapon in the United States. As of this morning (11/1/2017), eight people were killed, several more were injured after the attack on the Lower East Side of Manhattan by a jihadist who rented a Home Depot truck went onto a bike path and started ramming that truck into as many people as this one person could find.

Can I clarify that tweet I made this morning a little bit?

My belief in God is both logical and empirical. Someone or some being had to create our species who was brilliant enough to allow us these ways to communicate with each other, so it makes sense that this person is a God by definition.  I see no evidence that contradicts the concept that if you lived a good life, you go to a good place. Likewise, if you harm people, you don’t go to such a good place. I won’t know of the existence of what we call Heaven and Hell until I die, so the belief that exists is good enough for me until there’s some serious proof to the contrary.

That being said, I don’t know what the fascination is with killing people in the misguided belief that a higher being wants those who don’t believe in a certain God to die or otherwise harmed. It is also nonsensical to me that such a killer would be rewarded with a certain double-digit number of virgins in the hereafter upon commuting such a deed. Why would someone want to procreate in Heaven or Hell when your creation, or your “circle of life” to use a more recent euphemism, has already been completed? It just doesn’t make sense to my logic.

We shouldn’t be harming each other like this. I just wish it’d stop. A wall won’t bring this to an end. A better understanding of each other might.

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