Don’t Go Messing With A Classic


I didn’t discover “A Christmas Story” and how great it was until 1999, the first and only Christmas where I wasn’t living in Florida. Until then, it really wasn’t on my radar. But at least once during Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, I’m watching it on TV or I whip out the DVD I have of it. It’s my “go-to” thing to do for Christmas ever since.

Next week, the FOX TV network is re-making the movie, and doing so on live television. Not too happy about this on either front. I think some movies shouldn’t be remade, and this film was enough of a “cult classic” in my mind where I felt it should have been left alone. Modernizing a song is different, at least to me. Modernizing a movie just shows how faltering Hollywood has a lack of original ideas, although it’s something that’s done all the time.

I probably won’t watch it live, but if someone waved a copy of it in my face over the next couple of weeks, I don’t think I’d mind watching it too terribly.


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