The Podcast Rules, 2018 Version


As I did last year, I thought I’d share the podcasts I’m listening to now a days.

My rules have changed a bit with time. For instance, I’m finding there are a lot more high quality podcasts dealing with the old days of professional wrestling that appeal to me. Maybe it’s the stories they tell, or the time I grew up here in Florida in the 1980’s, but I’m now listening to five podcasts (and a sixth on hiatus) just dealing with the “rasslin” business, and wondering how that happened that I find so many of these appealing.

Another first happened in the past year: I listened to a podcast that was discontinued because the host, Dick Enberg, passed away suddenly just before Christmas. I’ll mention his Sounds Of Success show here as an honorable mention. It had great guests in its short run, and not the sports personalities you’d ordinarily think of.

Other good podcasts I listened to during the course of the year but have now ended were Missing Richard Simmons and Heaven’s Gate.

So here’s the current list, with a few of these shows not currently on a schedule, or on hiatus because the show’s subject matter is not “in season” at this time.

  • 30 For 30 
  • 6:05 Superpodcast
  • Atlanta Monster
  • Austin Idol Live
  • Big Brother Gossip
  • Breaking Kayfabe
  • Dinner With The King
  • Ear Hustle
  • Inside The Dugout
  • Kentucky Fried Rasslin’
  • Slow Burn
  • The Butterfly Effect
  • Three Moves Ahead
  • What Happened When With Tony Schiavone
  • You Are Looking Live With Brent Musburger

This list fluctuates with time, so by the time I post it again in 2019, it’ll probably be significantly different, as 2017’s was as compared to today’s list.

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