The Plausible, The Problematic, And Weird Timing

I learned something last Thursday I kind of regretted to learn. Someone close to me is having a health problem, and on some level I feel like it’s my fault for not saying the right things, as if I somehow knew what the “right” thing was going to say a few months back.

The person close to me recently changed healthcare providers, and while getting tested in the past few weeks, a lump was found in a body part that is known as a place that could lead to cancer. There’s a wave of mixed feelings that hit me when I found out. While I’m glad on some level that it was found, I cannot help but wonder about the timing and the nature of the problem. No one in this person’s family has been hit with cancer before, but here lies what could be the first possibility something that could lead to that could be in existence.

On the other hand, do you ever go to a mechanic or have repair work done on a house and get the idea that those people are going to somehow find something wrong, even if you have no reason to believe there’s a problem? I kind of have that feeling here, though I clearly don’t have the medical expertise to know otherwise.

My friend doesn’t want to have the surgery, and I explained that my father had a similar dilemma right before he died. He had heart problems that developed in 1989, then problems with a tumor in his innards. After a surgery in 1990, his health deteriorated rapidly with a rapidly growing cancer that got to his brain, leading to his death in early 1991. My family often wonders how long he would have lived had that surgery NOT taken place, which some thought may not have been needed.

The friend has since received two letters stating the lump is benign in it’s nature, so why have the surgery when it’s not needed and something that could case financial hardships even with health care paying some of the freight? It should be good news the lump is benign, right? A final decision hasn’t been made yet, and that decision is that person’s not mine.

I know, a lot of “woulda, coulda, and shoulda” at play here. But with limited facts, your mind tends to wander.

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