How To End The Shutdown

I’m typing this at about noon on Sunday, so there’s a decent chance by the time you see this posted Monday morning, this financial government shutdown will still be on. If it has been solved by the time you see this post, store this away for the next shutdown, whenever that occurs.

Regardless of how you feel politically, it is unconscionable and irresponsible to not keep the government financially up and running, and to not pay up the running expenditures this country requires to function. No business runs this way, and in any business, workers would be fired for not doing the tasks they agreed to perform.

Our politicians would never agree to this (though a group of people in Congress are not accepting pay voluntarily), but one way to greater ensure “financial shutdowns” don’t occur would be to suspend the pay of those in Congress serving in the House of Representatives and in the United States Senate. Isn’t it odd that our politicians always seem not to have their own skin in the game when it comes to our money?

If a governmental shutdown suspended their pay, wouldn’t we see things resolved with a bit more swiftness? They don’t make as much as professional athletes, but remember that they also healthcare with heavy discounts. Plus, there’s all that fund raising they do, and who knows what creative ways our leaders come up with to find ways to dip their hands into that box of cash?

Most in congress (with the exception of the House speaker and the leaders of the Senate) make $174,000 a year, or $3,346.15 a week. Suspend the pay of all 535 in Congress (435 in the House, 100 in the Senate) and the country saves a little under $1.8 million a week if they received no pay, or at least $93,090,000 a year if it somehow took that long to get a deal done.

Just a thought. A thought our politicians would NEVER agree to. Even in a Trump presidency, they have all the reason in the world to keep the swamp around.

2 thoughts on “How To End The Shutdown”

  1. I think that in situations like this elections should be triggered and every person in Congress should face elections in a months time. It’s not an original idea but maybe it’s time to look at it.

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