The Road Markers Of Life


A little inside baseball for some of you: the posts you usually see I do a day in advance, maybe two days in advance. As I type this, the Super Bowl game has yet to be played, so this very post you all see the day after the Super Bowl takes place has some generic thought to it.

You see, on days like Christmas and the day the Super Bowl is played on – I tend not to get sucked into the ether on what these days mean to me personally, because on these days we all experience the same sort of euphoria. These days serve as road marks in my life, kind of like you’re on an Interstate and you see how many miles you are from your destination, and where the next highways on the road are. Thus, I tend to get philosophical more than anything else.

As we see America bickering with itself here in 2018 A.D. my mind has gotten curious about something. I’m going to be 47 years of age this year, and if I don’t meet a much younger woman in my life fairly soon, I’m probably not going to produce any children as most women my age are now going through menopause or thereabouts. Side issue – didn’t mean this post to be a mopey self-critique, as you’ll see as you scroll on.

When I grew up, television helped me learn the skills I needed to educate myself on things. I learned to read by reading the TV Guide (remember those?) and I could figure out at a young age what was on a given channel and at what time? Shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood taught numbers, letters, and social values. Game shows like The Price Is Right and Wheel Of Fortune (back when Chuck Woolery hosted it) taught me math, spelling, cognitive ability, and economics – because everyone should know what things cost and the value of a dollar and what goes into that at a young age. In other words – you could learn things if you paid attention, like what letter came after “C” or the price of a new car or a trip from Los Angeles to Australia.

What shocks me about the present era is how everything seems a lot more subjective. For instance, if you watch the news, most outlets tell you one side, a few tell you the other side of the story. What kind of the message does that send to children when we do this to them? How do these kids learn things when everything comes to them off of a network of computers? Do they learn better than I did? What do they learn? Do they learn the wrong things?

I am not trying to say that my generation was better than the ones before me and after me, because I don’t believe that these are things we should be competitive about. I just worry that this new generation might not be getting it right. These are the people who will be leading the world as we move closer to the middle of the 21st century. What messages is our current era sending to our future era?

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