It’s the evening of February 14th, a Wednesday, as I type this. Yet again, we’ve had another shooting tragedy, this time at a high school in Broward County, Florida.

I’ve done these kinds of posts too many times. Like many of you, I’m hoping for a day where I never have to see this kind of news ever again. And as I’ve probably said before, I don’t know how you solve this kind of problem.

Do you take away the guns? No. The “bad guys” will still get the guns. The only thing that does is prevents responsible firearm owners from fighting back.

Do you pass tighter gun laws? No. Same problem.

Some on the left say we should stop offering hopes and prayers when these shootings take place, and they might be right. Tonight, I will just hope there is a “place in the sun” where we can get to a point where all of this stops.

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