The Day After The Day


The computer I use at home – I’ve had this since 2012, still works well for me.

It’s been a little over 40 hours since I’ve deactivated Facebook. Yes, I know – I talk about this like I’ve quit smoking (I smoked briefly when I was 18 in the fall of 1989 – hated it) or drinking (I’ve probably been drunk a handful of times in my life – enjoy a good beer here and there), but I think that’s how you have to treat Facebook – like it is an addiction.

I removed the bookmarks from Chrome and the various Facebook apps from my phone. By the way, why do you need THREE apps for Facebook? That seems wasteful, right? Why not have an app that can update your pages, post, and message your friends all in the SAME app? Am I missing something here, or what?

About a year and a half ago, I mentioned a Star Trek TNG episode called “The Game” where everyone on the Enterprise gets addicted by a game because when you do well on it, it releases some sort of positive impulses to the user’s brain. That’s what I think Facebook has become – an unhealthy addiction.  If so-and-so from your childhood posts, it encourages you to post. If your best friend is a supporter of candidate X as opposed to candidate Y, you get feelings of repulsion, superiority, and inferiority.

Stop the madness – we’re better than this.

I’m feeling much better psychologically – though I sometimes find myself looking up at Chrome and looking for that bookmark for Facebook out of instinct. It’s just a matter of time before my conditioning of all these years breaks.

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