Giving No Quarter


The world we live in is definitely changing – but I guess it is up to determine to all of us as individuals to determine what these changes are since the media is of no help when it comes to these matters as of late.

No, this is not meant as a commentary about how bad the Democrats are or how bad the current President is inasmuch as it is about how everything has gotten political everywhere you turn. I’m tired of needing to ask this unspoken of permission to watch a basketball game because someone might say something politically offensive – or a movie, because a certain actor I used to admire calls the President a punk and/or wants to beat him up.

The Academy Awards are tonight – whoops, can’t watch that. Some of those award winners might get political.

I’m sick of it – I avoid the news whenever I can now, because who knows whether this organization is telling me the truth or telling me just what I want to hear which probably isn’t true, but merely a ploy to get you to watch because you won’t know it’s true or not for a while. It is infiltrating everything – and unnecessarily so, to the point where nothing can be enjoyed. We are all given the choice of being acolytes for one political party or the other, and the minute you step off those reservations you’re nobody.

I miss the days of common ground, and I hope something can happen soon so we get back to those good old days.


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