Burning Daylight

Looking west at the sun setting from just outside my then job in Clearwater, FL, November 3, 2015.

We are once again at that point of the year where clocks get shifted in most of the United States. Parts of Arizona and all of Hawaii doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time, and now my state of Florida is following suit with a similar design to forego the twice-yearly resetting of clocks an hour, “springing forward” in March, “falling back” in November.

A footnote, if I may. Doing a brief study of the various stories about this article the past couple of days, one thing I’m seeing these news outlets NOT doing is telling the public when the law would be enacted. (Answer: this year, on July 1, 2018.) I took journalism in high school – did terrible at it by the way, mainly because I took the course as a freshman and really didn’t have a grasp of what journalism was at that age. Anyway, one of the things I was taught way back in 1985 is that who, when, where, what, why, and how are the questions EVERY story should answer. Things must have changed in journalism since I took that course, I suppose – something glaringly evident to our current President.

I’ve heard a lot of argument pro and con about the abolition of standard time and the permanent use of Daylight Savings Time. In the winter months, we’ll be in the same time zone as Puerto Rico, and an hour ahead of the rest of the Eastern US. Sunrise in the winter months would be past 8:00 in the morning, but the sun would set no earlier than 6:30 at night.

Personally, I have no opinion. I’ve been through Arizona three times in my life, passing through my way to and back from Las Vegas. I don’t think it would fair of me to pre-judge how things will go, so I’ll just sit back and see what happens. What could go wrong? Not much from what I can see.



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