The world lost one of its most brilliant minds with the passing of physicist Stephen Hawking.

One of the things he warned us about in his waning time on Earth was his fear that the planet was heading for changes that would end humanity’s time on it within the next 200 years. If so, that’ll happen long after my trip into existence comes to an end – unless they find a way to extend everyone’s lives significantly by the time I check out.

Is there such a thing as global warming, or is it some sort of scam? I’ve always been of the belief that in life when there are two outcomes that aren’t conclusively true – the answer is somewhere in the middle. How much or how little the answer is in that “middle” is open to interpretation. I guess I’m saying global warming may exist but could be exaggerated for political purposes.

My introduction to Hawking came probably the same way many of you were introduced to him: watching him play a holographic image of himself in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. He was one of those people who refused to let his physical limitations be the limit of what he can do, and that’s something I think we can all learn from as we face the obstacles of our lives.


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