Hey, Who Turned ON The Lights?


As is the case in the era where computers run the world, various programs make frequent changes to safeguard themselves against newly found problems.

I woke up this morning to Google Chrome needing an update. I thought, fine, update away.

Here’s the thing, my eyesight is dwindling a bit now that I’m 46, as is the case with us older whippersnappers. For example, the white Facebook layout on Chrome is WAY too bright for me. So, I use an extension called Deluminate to aid in seeing websites better. Usually, I use a dark mode, but dimming the pages works just as well.

With the latest Chrome update, darkening the various web pages is now an impossibility, so I’m playing computer detective, trying to sleuth out where the problem might be. The dim mode still works, so I have that going for me.

Using similar programs to Deluminate don’t work nearly as good. For instance, if I use one of those other programs, I get the darkened web page, but using WordPress to create these blog entries gives me this bright white box to type my text in. As I’ve noted – for the current state of my eyes, white isn’t all right.

Hopefully, there’s a fix out there. If my hunch is correct, I can’t be the only Google/Deluminate user having this problem.

EDIT, 3/15/2018 at 11:05am EDT: I submitted my problem to the designer at his/their Github page, and quickly found a resolution. In the words of the immortal Gilda Radner: never mind!

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