Oil’s Well That Ends Well


Put this story in the “when they think they have you, you have them” category.

I’m living in the southwest part of Largo in the early 1990’s. There’s a local Goodyear tire dealership that offers customers an oil change among the other wares they sell, so one day I go to the store and request one.

With my car elevated on their jack, they tell me that there’s someone other problem with the car. Maybe the tires needed rotating, something like that. I tell them I just came in here for the oil change, so that’s what I will be getting.

Then the repair guy hits me with his scare tactic. He implied that it was against state law not to have these repairs done.

I told the guy to either show me the law in writing (which he didn’t, oddly enough) or to report me to whichever agency is in charge of such transgressions should one exist. Either way, an oil change is what I requested, and an oil change is all I will be getting this given day.

I didn’t bother telling him I worked in radio at the time – I was confident I had him beat right then and there. Why play all of your cards when you can get away with playing just one?

With that, he walked away without speaking another word. It just goes to show you that there are times in life when it’s easy to think certain people and situations have you. When those times come, never stop probing for a way out.



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