Stormy And The Donald


I know some of you are asking if I watched that whole Stormy Daniels saga on 60 Minutes Sunday night. My answer would be: nope. Footnote: it’s probably safe to say now that Daniels has now eclipsed Linda Lovelace and Marilyn Chambers as the most well-known porn star of all time, for those who keep track of such things. Another footnote: what was up with those dilated pupils of hers? Was she on meds or some recreational drugs?

I’m not one of these “blind faith” followers of the President who believes he’s incapable of doing anything wrong. It’s the total opposite of that: I believe that it did happen, and it makes perfect sense to me that it did occur. What I’ve understood about Mr. Trump for years is that he’s a germophobe, so if you’re going to have an entanglement with someone, why not somebody from the porn industry – a profession that regularly tests for sexually transmitted diseases out of necessity?

My vote for Trump didn’t go to him because he was some sort of choir boy. My vote went to him because what was wrong with our country could be settled by a businessman. There’s a built-in amount of professional possessiveness amongst his fellow politicians and the media itself to take down Mr. Trump, to which I have no problem with if that’s what they want to waste their time and air with.

But when we have porn stars (who are primarily prostitutes) trying to teach us all about morality without exposing the hypocrisy of that – that’s where you lose me. It should also be noted that it is not a necessity that 60 Minutes, CBS, or any other show or network out there has to keep or gain my interest. It has to keep enough people interested to be a financially viable entity. They don’t even have to tell you the truth – and that’s what most people don’t seem to surmise.

The news media “sold out” a long time ago. It took this presidency to make the various means of their decay much more evident.


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