Freedom At 432 Hertz

Going back to the early 1990’s, I’ve been a bit interested in how there are certain frequencies out there that can be used to help our bodies and minds with whatever it is they went to accomplish.

This goes back to when I worked at WTAN in Clearwater working the overnight shift. The one weird thing I found out about working odd hours is how life is totally geared to the “normies” who either work first or second shifts and sleep conventional hours. Sleeping could at times be a bit difficult, though I did have a cheat available to me.

Most of the time I worked I was the sole operator at the station, and I would go 30 to 45-minute ranges of time without anything to do. When that happened, I brought in a digital timer with me and took some catnaps, setting all the commercial “carts” up ready to go at a moment’s notice. If I knew the cassette tape I was running would be on for, say 30 minutes – I’d set a timer for 28. If I had 45 minutes, I’d set my digital timer for 43. Remember, this was WAY before the iPhone made all of this possible by verbal request with Siri. I think I got my trusty timer at an Ace Hardware store – then later I’d get them at Radio Shack.

One day in 1990, a caller to one of the talk shows I was a board operator for heard me discuss my sleeping woes, and sent me a tape of delta waves designed to help me sleep. For me, it worked – though I’m sure that there are people out there who are skeptical about the whole thing.

Here I am in 2018 reconnecting with the power of waves and music at 432 Hertz. The YouTube clip I’ve posted with this entry helped me immensely, and has been a great coping aide for me in the week or so I’ve been off of Facebook – that is, keeping me away from it.

Anyway, give it a try if you wish. It served for me, but for some of you, I imagine your mileage can and will vary.


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