The Great Easter Weekend Facebook Compromise Of 2018


Let’s get the bad tidings out of the way: I fell off the Facebook wagon again Friday night. I have a very good friend who sought me out to message me, and I wasn’t going to say “no” to this person who I have known since I was 14.

Maybe I shouldn’t observe these Facebook prohibitions as failures of my doing but as research. I came up with a plan of how to deal with Facebook moving forward that I thought I’d mention – it might work for you.

What I decided to do this time was to leave Facebook on my computer, but NOT to put it back on my iPhone. During the course of the day, I’m on the computer in the morning and at night anyhow, but the obstacle with Facebook has with their various apps (the app itself, Messenger, and the page editing thingy) turns the average user into a junkie, an addict. Plus, if one of these apps has a virus in it, the odds are it’s more manageable if you just use it on the computer (where you may have programs to protect you) as compared to the cell phone.

In the coming months, I think you’ll see the governments of the major countries of the world build consensus that Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, et al – have too much power and too much of a monopoly with what they do. Even the Democratic Party seems interested in doing this as things stand now, and you can’t customarily get the GOP and the Democrats to agree on what time of day it is.

For now, Facebook stays – I think I’ve found the “happy medium” I can live with until the likely necessary intervention of our government takes shape.

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