Those Savage Curtains Again

I did feel a bit like Kirk and Spock dealing with Abraham Lincoln (or a facsimile thereof) on Thursday.

You’re not going to believe this one. More importantly, I don’t believe this one.

I exchanged direct messages on Thursday with 80’s pop singer Bonnie Tyler or more likely, someone who had hacked into her Twitter account. More plausible it was the latter scenario if I had to guess because the Welsh singer doesn’t use her Twitter account all that frequently. Plus, the dates of recent tweets had been altered to appear more recent than they actually were.

No, I didn’t ask her a lot of questions. She was too busying asking me everything under the sun, which had me immediately dubious about the authenticity of talking to the real Bonnie. It kind of reminded me of that Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk encounters the facsimile of Abraham Lincoln, and the crew is quickly cynical of it all. Social media breeds a similar kind of cynicism, I suppose.

It didn’t make sense to me that someone who has peddled millions of records over four decades would be that engaged with this one fan, so I broke off contact the next day after humoring “her” for a day.

I’m pretty sure it was fake news, as our President often says. We’ll see.

(EDIT, 4/5/2018: I didn’t realize this until the day after I blogged it, but the Twitter account that DM’ed me was @BonnieTylerOfficial. The real account of Bonnie’s is @BonnieTOfficial. Color me duped.)



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