To Tell The Truth – Or Not


Did it not strike you odd that Mark Zuckerburg testified on Capitol Hill yesterday, but the United States Senate did NOT want to put him under oath?

I’d say more about that dog and pony show yesterday, but if you’ve been following this blog the past few weeks, you should know what a sham I think it all is.

With their inability to put Mr. Z under oath yesterday, Congress – both Democrats and Republicans – showed their collusion. This also should be a “canary in the coal mine” to us commoners that they’ll fix things in a way that punishes us as if we were the criminals even though we perpetrated no crimes.

Just like 9/11 punished us and took our freedoms with the Patriot Act that was anything but patriotic. Just like Obamacare came to be nearly a decade ago, mandating citizens pay for it without any laws saying such a mandate was legal.

Congress and Facebook – they are one in the same. If they can find the way to screw you, they will. Hurry up and drain the swamp, Mr. President – if you can. On the Facebook front, yesterday was a very disappointing day.



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