Religious Thoughts


There are two apps I have on my iPhone that might surprise some of you: a copy of the Constitution of the United States, and the Bible.

My relationship with God – well, it’s complicated. Some of my best friends growing up were either very religious or weren’t when I knew them then as much as they are now. One of my girlfriends put a lot of pressure on me in the early 1990’s to become a Christian even though I considered myself Catholic, and I still do. I figured: what’s the difference, a question I still ask.

In the years I was growing up, my Mom and Dad didn’t take me to church, except for weddings, christenings, and what not. My Dad asked me one time if I wanted to go to church, and I thought against it at that time – even though there was a time in either the fourth and fifth grade I went to an afterschool bible class for a stretch. It’s not that I don’t believe – because I do believe someone had to have (or has) the intelligence to put us on this planet. I think we’re all meant to be here. Most of us go to heaven when we die – you have to do something incredibly evil not to. That’s what I like to think, anyway.

But as to what religion is “right” about what happens once we die – I don’t know. I don’t think it’s meant for us mortals to figure out. I don’t mind reading the Bible or getting an opinion on what has happened or what might happen. Maybe the Indians (as in from India, not the native Americans) are right in that we live our lives, then we come back as something else in the “next” life. Maybe I’m who I am in life for some reason that was meant to be in the “past” life. Maybe I was my mother or father in my previous life. Or maybe I’ll be my cat Harry, in the next life. I don’t know how all of that works, and it’s not like they left me an instruction manual.

I’m also a believer that the life we lead will have an impact on the past, present, and future, and that the history in each life we live can be different. For instance, if I come back as another being in another life – it might be a life where the Germans win World War II, or that Hillary Clinton is the current president. It could be something as trivial as the Patriots winning the Super Bowl last season, not the Eagles, or the Apollo moon landings never happening, or the Internet being totally different or non-existent in 2018 in some other life. Who knows?

Sometimes you have to admit, you don’t know everything. I think there are times we don’t admit that to ourselves for whatever reason – pride, I tend to think. We go on. We fight the good fight. We try to be the best we can, or at least we should. Temptation (especially these days) is always out there.

I do believe there is a God – but I don’t pretend to know the minutiae, like what happens when I die. I’m not looking forward to the moment, but I hope I get to see my father up in heaven when the time gets here.


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