The Dinner From Hell

I could do without watching the White House Correspondents Dinner if you want to know the truth. Every year the dinner seems to get more raunchy, to the point where this year it probably made Howard Stern blush, if he watched.

Funny that the correspondents seem to spend most of the time sounding so much alike to the point where I have a hard time distinguishing which network is which. ABC sounds like CBS. CBS sounds like NPR. If you’re really paying attention, NPR and Fox News even sound alike.

For those of you who think I say this because I’m a Trump supporter – think again. I was just as appalled by the routine Don Imus did in 1996. Imus was funny – back in the era of Nixon, Ford, and Jimmy Carter. That night, he just came off as what he was – a pompous fool.

Then again, at least Don Imus understands humor. I don’t think Michelle Wolf understands most of what she says. She just reads jokes, does things with voice inflection, and everyone thinks she’s funny. Me, I don’t get it.

Every year, they go for the lowest common denominator – and that’s fine if you were running a comedy club. I’m sure C-SPAN couldn’t have been pleased about all of Wolf’s obscenities during her routine.

If there was no WHCD next year, I can’t say I’d miss it. But that’s just me.


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