A Mile In My Shoes


Last week, I had mentioned that my weight had gone down dramatically and that it wasn’t really something I had designs on – just a byproduct of eating less. In recent years, my typical weight had been 275, and now I’m down to about 235. (I just paused to weigh myself and got a reading of 238.5 just after a breakfast – I don’t get “hung up” on exact numbers, I just use the scale for a ballpark estimate.)

A good friend mentioned to me that I should get some apple cider vinegar, so I got some on a recent trip to Wally World, along with getting my quarterly haircut. I just began this regimen in the past couple of days, so it’s too early to tell for sure if this will have any effects, positive or negative. What I’ve read about it on the Internet is mostly positive, so we’ll see. I’m not really looking at it for weight loss, because I’ve already done that to an extent – but for something that will reduce over possible diabetic effects. For myself, I’d like to get foot sensitivity back.

To help myself in that effort, I walk around my neighborhood roughly 15-20 minutes a day, usually more than half of a mile. This week, I’m looking at expanding those efforts to get to a point where I walk at least a mile a day. With a spate of on and off rain hitting Florida this week with an early tropical system possibly forming in the Gulf, finding the time to do this will be a bit difficult, but I should be able to manage it.

I’m also noticing that my overall mood is improving, and that’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked, either.

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