Santa Fe

Aren’t we tired of this constantly happening yet? Apparently not, because it’s happened again. Another high school, this time in Texas, shot up. As of when I write this, they know of 10 who have died this morning.

I would say something – but with each passing tragedy, it gets further and further beyond a point where these series of incidents defy description. We can only hope that one day it all comes to an end. That’s why “A Place In The Sun” by Stevie Wonder often comes to mind for me. There should be a place in the sun where there is hope for everyone – and that it is not taken away by some crazed student who authorities should have known about.

I don’t believe taking away guns is the best possible answer out there. Guns do not kill unless the operator of the gun pulls the trigger. They are inanimate objects not capable of making such decisions of themselves – just as ham sandwiches cannot commit crimes, but theoretically, a ham sandwich can be indicted.

We (us older generations) never seem to stop and realize that those younger than us live in an accelerated society.  It’s changed with time – and we often ask younger generations to “grow up” faster than the contemporaries I lived in or the ones my parents lived in. A high school kid hasn’t known life without the Internet – I’m 46, and I knew of life before cable TV! They face difficulties with social media, video games, even pornography – that we can’t relate to because we didn’t face those things at our particular ages.

To solve the problem of why there are so many of these random shootings will take some “outside the box” thinking. We seem to know what the problem isn’t – and one side points fingers at the other, and vice versa like that answers anything. Personally, I think if security at these schools is a problem, then why not fix it everywhere? My mother often tells me about growing up and going to Catholic school in The Bronx – where everything was secured. When I went to public schools from kindergarten in 1976 to the 12th grade in 1989, the schools were wide open. It didn’t seem like anything anyone would think of back then, but anyone could have waltzed into these buildings or up to window in a schoolroom and started blowing kids and teachers away.

If our current government decides to secure our schools – it must be done with the same commitment and seriousness as we saw when President Kennedy decided to go to the moon in the 1960’s. If we don’t protect every school – then it doesn’t mean a damn thing, and this remains a mere political point of interest. Sooner or later, our leaders will have to push politics aside and get something done.



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