The Royal Nuptials

My cat Harry – who got confused every time the Prince’s name got mentioned as I watched it on TV Saturday morning.

Saturday was one of those days that it seemed for a while that the whole world was talking about the same thing. This was a more trivial affair than anything else – the marriage between Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle, the former actress.

It was one of those mornings where things worked out so I wound up watching. I got up a little after 6am, took a morning walk (I’m up to 1.36 miles now – though I think I’ll keep future walks down to a mile), and got home from the walk at 7am – just in time to turn on Fox News and watch the proceedings in earnest begin.

I saw one of my Facebook friends talking about doing the opposite of what she did in 1981 so that this “wedding” or Princess isn’t jinxed. Well, I didn’t watch the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana back then, and I wound up watching this one – so perhaps I wound up agreeing with that sentiment.

When Diana tragically perished back in 1997, there were (and have been since) conspiracy theories that she was killed by British intelligence because she was interested in an Arab gentleman, Dodi Fayed – and that the Royals didn’t want Arab blood in their ancestry. I guess this marriage either proves that untrue or sets a precedent that catches up with the times.

I loved how Americanized the ceremony was – complete with a preacher who came enthused as if he had a few extra cups of coffee, and the playing of gospel music as bride and groom walked out of the church in holy matrimony. A sign of changing times, perhaps.

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