Where The Scams Are

I had one of those “ah ha” moments over the past week.

In previous entries, I’ve mentioned some various scams – like the Microsoft Windows scam, the Card Services scam, and I know there’s an IRS phone scam out there.

Now this might be my biased and pro-American worldview talking, but I can’t help but notice that these calls come from another part of the world – most likely India, maybe Pakistan or Bangladesh as well.

I don’t know about your respective phone line, but they keep coming back to call me – particularly the Cardholder Services people. If you tell them to put you on the Do Not Call List – they keep calling. If you filibuster (have a lengthy conversation without pause) – they call you more often. If you don’t answer them – they keep calling.

My guess is being from a foreign country, they feel they are exempt from our laws. Wouldn’t mind seeing our government go at these goons – though I understand it’s about priority 100 on the food chain, behind world peace and the like.

Oh, speak of the devil, Look what I saw just cross “the wire” on Twitter.


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