A Problem In The Workplace

man wearing suit jacket sitting on chair in front of woman wearing eyeglasses
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Imagine being in a workplace where a constant problem has existed for decades. It hasn’t always been the top problem, so the employees in “the workplace” tend to ignore it. Every so often, the problem comes to the front of everybody’s minds – but something always seems to come along to prevent the problem from being solved.

“The Workplace” recently hired a new executive officer – it was not to CEO the employees, who had a say in the matter, were anticipating getting. The CEO has a long-term vision to solve the constant and long-persisting problem once and for all, but his “Board of Directors” kept cutting off the ability for the CEO to implement changes every chance the Board got, ensuring the problem would persist on some level for the immediate future.

Recently, there has been a movement by key employees to eradicate the “big problem” that has existed for many years. Many of the people who are suddenly complaining the loudest were the very same employees who didn’t want the problem fixed, or looked the other way at one key point or another. They’re now screaming at the CEO to fix the problem that could have been fixed many ways by many different avenues by many different people and work committees.

The CEO tries to explain. The explanations fall on deaf ears. The CEO and those loyal to him try to explain that this was a problem that could have been fixed by now for sure, had one of the many opportunities to fix it actually been followed through upon. Former employees weigh in and say the problem needs to be fixed now.

Frustrated, the CEO agrees and sympathizes with the employees – but tries to explain to them that the workplace has a chain of command that he would prefer to be followed. He had already tried to implement changes at the executive level but was turned away with every chance “The Board” had. With that happening repeatedly in previous months, the CEO fears going down that road again – he feels it would produce the same result as beforehand.

Instead of fixing the problem with at least one opportunity of many the workplace had – the problem “The Workplace” has is allowed to flourish, and instead of fixing it, all people seem to want to do is complain about it.

Somehow, this all sounds familiar.


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