America (Almost) Turns 242

astronaut standing beside american flag on the moon
Photo by Pixabay on

One of my memories as a young child was July 4, 1976 – the day America turned 200. I don’t remember a lot about it, other than national pride around that time was particularly high.

Now, we’re creeping up on the 250th birthday in the country in eight years and two days (on the date this is posted), and you can’t help but notice the anger in people’s voices as you turn on the news.

We are in one of those rare places in American history – if not World history – where the “right” side of what history will be is very hard to define as we look at it now. I have my beliefs and my opinions about matters, but could I be wrong as events unfold? Hell, yes – that’s possible.

It is my sincerest hope that as we move along through these next few months and years that there is the 250th birthday for America to celebrate in 2026. We have a good thing going here in our country for the most part – let’s not ruin it as the everlasting debate goes forward.

(Programming note: I’m taking July 4th off so the next blog post will be on Friday.)


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