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Nothing is worse than a cold in the middle of summertime. Well, not true. I could think of other things worse, medically speaking.

I didn’t mind the cold. You just keep some paper towel or tissue around you when your nasal passages decide to go AWOL on you and “paratroop” out of your nose, if you get my drift. A couple of weeks ago, I picked up some Equate at Walmart for sinus decongestion, which has Acetaminophen in it.

That seemed to do more harm than good – because it dries up the sinuses, and actually dries them up too much. Recently, if I go without taking the pills for an eight to ten-hour stretch, it feels like a three-alarm fire has hit my left temple and forehead. I couldn’t keep a positive thought in my head (or negativity out of it) if a million dollars was riding on the outcome, plus it drives my sleeping schedule crazy to where I’m a zombie at various points of the day.

So, I’m switching to Ibuprofen today – that always seems to be better for me.


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