To Pledge, Or Not To Pledge?

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The word “pledge” is not a favorite word of mine. Ever look up the numerous definitions the word has? They seem to contradict each other, in a sense. Some definitions imply that if you pledge something, it is absolutely binding – while others have a looser meaning.

You’d think with all of that advocation I give about aggressive telemarketing, I wouldn’t get hoodwinked. But, back in May, a group calling themselves the National Police Support Fund was able to hook me in the ether of giving a small pledge. I’ve learned since from doing a little Google searching that the company operates out of a post office box, and since they solicited me for funding – other companies have crawled out of the woodwork, soliciting similar donations. Plus, they sent similar mailers for donations to other family members who were not being solicited, so how did they know how to do that?

With this in mind, I’m backing away from pledging money from this group. At that time I gave the pledge, I thought the group was a bit more reputable then they have proven to be. Due to the multiple definitions of the word “pledge” and how that can be interpreted, I believe I have some wiggle room – they might think otherwise. We’ll see.


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