Primary Colors

Get out and vote!

I was pleased to get my voting ballot in the mail this past Thursday for the series of Florida primaries that most of the populous will be voting on in late August. Personally, I tend to be an advocate for these early votes – you never know if a hurricane could pay us a visit in late August, or even early November. Voting early also allows me the time to research which candidates are the best personal fit for me.

It’s not my intent to bore you with who I endorse – I’ll just let you in on who I went with pertaining to the two big Republican races here.

For Governor, I went with Ron DeSantis – even though I’m probably spitting in the wind on this one. I’m thinking Adam Putnam will wind up winning that race (and wind up being the Governor for that matter), but I felt he was too much of a “Republican establishment” guy to vote for in this round.

For Senator, I went with Rick Scott – who I feel is a flawed candidate but still better than anything else out there.

At this point, I’m hard pressed to find a Democrat worth voting for in the November general election, as I don’t really see anyone out there who can tell me what they can do that would be better for the country than what President Trump is doing or what he could do. I tend to think it’s all a stall so that Hillary Clinton runs again in 2020, and that everything is being held in place until that point. If Hillary falls ill, or something winds up happening that she can’t run, I’m thinking Bernie Sanders is their Plan B – but kind of what the Republicans did with John McCain in 2008, by the time he gets to the “big dance” it’s going to be way too late for him to win.

A Clinton/Trump rematch scares the poo out of me – I don’t know if the country could withstand a rematch between these two.


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