The CBS Cosa Nostra

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In case you missed it (and some of you didn’t – and thank you for that), I’ve decided to shut down my blog covering the CBS reality show Big Brother in light of what’s been going on with CEO Les Moonves, and the network’s inability to take action against him in light of sexual harassment allegations. At this point, I’m fairly sure the shut down will be permanent, as I was going to end the blog after the BB20 season, and I don’t expect the issue to be resolved by the time the season ends in late September.

No, it wasn’t something I planned – as I expected Mr. Moonves to at least be suspended. Absent that, I made decisions accordingly.

The problem with the “female empowerment” movement in the wake of #MeToo, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby is that the same political ideology behind the movement are enablers of the very behavior they claim to be against. It’s like a NAMBLA member being against child pedophilia – the two actions cancel each other out, and collectively make no sense.

CBS could have chosen the easy way – but are choosing a harder way instead. Those dominoes will catch up to Les’s wife Julie Chen, then to the Big Brother series eventually. At that point, either the show gets canceled after a 20 some-odd season run – or its owners, Endemol, move it to another network when that becomes contractually permissable. I choose not to deny that the end is near – so this is where I get out of Dodge. Too much logic in my brain to think otherwise.

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