They Get You Either Way

smoke fume cigarette fag
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I’ve been thinking this week about the way various goods get you addicted to them. A couple of decades ago, we learned through a gentleman named Jeffrey Wigand how various tobacco manufactures get people hooked on cigarettes. (Totally recommend the Al Pacino movie The Insider to you from a couple of decades ago – great flick.)

Yes, we make the individual choices to put the cigarettes in our mouths – but once that happens, these “big tobacco” companies make sure you stay hooked. I tried smoking when I was 18, and I think I lasted less than a week, so I suppose I was one of the lucky ones.

You can make that case about sodas, too – which I suspect got me into health trouble. These companies load all that sugar into their drinks, and if recognize that your health is going down the tubes, don’t worry – they have diet soda for you. Of course, they don’t tell you the diet drinks have aspartame in them, which is much worse for most people than a regular Pepsi, or Coca-Cola.

Then there are those sports drinks you see in abundance if you go to a high school football game or some sort of local athletic contest. Take Gatorade – loaded with sugar. They’re probably better off drinking sodas – or how about just plain old healthy water?

But yet, nobody focuses in on how these food and drink industries turn us into addicts as “big tobacco” did to a few generations. Might not be a bad idea to look into it, despite the various political preferences that exist out there.

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