Greyhound Diary

I just got done re-reading this comedic gem of a book by comedian James Inman. His half-hour stand-up routine captured on this YouTube video are direct excerpts from the book and accurately captures what riding on these trips is like, albeit with a healthy amount of cynicism.

Everybody should take a trip on Greyhound or Amtrak at least once in their life, even if over a short distance. I took three cross-country trips on Greyhound between 1996 and 2000, and if I ever do it again – I’m writing a book about it.

What did I like about it? When you or I travel by air, which we do because we want to get from point A to point B as fast as we can for as cheaply as we can – we don’t see the country in between. That can’t be said going Greyhound or taking Amtrak – you see what the country is like in a fuller view, even if what’s there to be seen really maybe shouldn’t be seen.

I haven’t seen half the craziness Inman has seen either, as I’ve never really had that much trouble on my trips. My trip from Marietta, Georgia to Las Vegas got delayed three hours in Denver in the late spring when the weather wasn’t an issue – and that’s been about it. Oh, and an old man caused a disturbance by walking around the bus and babbling incoherently on a trip between Chattanooga and Nashville on Interstate 24 – and the driver had to shut him up, later reporting his unruly conduct.

Other than that, that’s been about it.

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