lighted candles on cupcakes
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I got another number added to my age today. It’s been a peaceful birthday so far, which is how I like my birthdays as I’ve gotten to this age – so I’m happy.

Everybody on Facebook is wishing me a happy birthday – but if I didn’t disclose to social media that it is my birthday, would they know? Probably not. I haven’t posted on the FB for several days now, my “cold turkey” apparently is working this time – but I will tomorrow to acknowledge everyone for their birthday wishes.

Not too many famous people have passed on my birthday – though that changed a bit today with the death of the actor Burt Reynolds, the former Florida State football star who made it big on the silver screen. RIP.

The NFL season commences tonight, and I’m thinking the Patriots dynasty finally crumbles – and that Super Bowl LIII (counting fingers and toes – yep, we’re up to 53 now) in Atlanta will feature the Steelers and the Los Angeles Rams. But hey, I could be mistaken.

Another day in the can, almost – and “year 48” is well underway.

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