Votes Matter

An altered version of a scene from Washington DC this past week. Near the police officer to the right is Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO. On the right separated by two other people is talk show host Alex Jones, banned by social media platforms en masse in the past month. September 5, 2018.

Former President Barack Obama made a comeback of sorts yesterday in Illinois, making comments about the political realm. While many of his comments seemed to disparage the current occupant of the office, Donald Trump, I thought he (Obama) made one very important point as he riled up the Democratic base: the importance of voting.

Personally, I tend to think the American people are getting how voting is important. In my home state of Florida, 3.1 million of us went to the polls for the late August primaries so that finalists for a menagerie of state races could be found. Four years ago in 2014, only 1.6 million voters did so.

Regardless of how you feel politically, if you don’t take part, I don’t think you should complain. The elections in November are probably the most important “midterm” elections in the nation’s history – they will likely decide if the current President, rightly or wrongly, will be the third such leader in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives should the Democrats win a majority of the 435 seats which will all be up for grabs.

I would rather have everyone participate in democracy and it not be what I want it to be then to have a democracy that I want that not everyone participates in.  It’s that simple for me. Go vote in your primaries if they haven’t occurred yet in your state – then vote in November.



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