No Les No More

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As you may have heard by now, Les Moonves is now out as CBS CEO after a new wave of more damaging accusations of sexual misconduct surfaced on Sunday.

After CBS passed on firing Moonves in late July after the initial series of accusations were published, I discontinued my Big Brother blog for a few weeks. Now that Moonves is in the Eye Network’s rearview mirror, I’ve decided to resume coverage on the BB blog I had been doing – though I’m still planning to retire it after BB20. I know – it’s complicated, but even more now with the end of season 20, it seems like the end of an era even if the show were to continue on many more years. Thus, a good place to stop.

Of course, there’s a lot more at stake here than the fate of a reality show. (Personally, I don’t see BB leaving TV anytime soon, even if Julie Chen is replaced as the show host, even if it means going on another network like ABC, NBC, or FOX.) Lives and careers were ruined, and when you have to ruin people’s lives over forcing people to have sex with you, then you’re a bit messed up in the head.

Beyond that, to quote Jim Garrison: “Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.”



2 thoughts on “No Les No More”

    1. It seems to be an open question at this point. Reading some conjecture that Julie may not come back this season and that a substitute host is being lined up. But yep, generally speaking, they could use an overhaul. Go back towards BB1 and have the public vote for eviction, or nominations, something.

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