Where Will Flo Go?

aerial view atmosphere clouds cold front
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As many of you may have noticed in the news these past few days, we have another “hurricane adventure” to watch. A little over a year ago it was most of Florida’s turn at the plate, with Irma evading the Tampa Bay metro area while other parts of the state weren’t so lucky.

This time, it’s the Carolinas turn facing a tropical cyclone. A day ago, this hurricane named Florence seemed destined for a hit someplace near or to the north of Wilmington tomorrow or early Friday. Now (and by “now” I mean late Wednesday afternoon on 9/12/18 as I type this) the storm appears it will close to Wilmington and stall. After that, no one seems to have a good idea where it will go, which most of the marginal thinking being it will move south and west into South Carolina, bringing loads of rain with it.

Many of the national news outlets carry press conferences of officials in the targeted states, promoting inhabitants along the coast to flee – and many do. There is a logic behind it all, I agree – that those who stay behind when “the big winds blow” put the lives of first responders at risk. But as we learn time and time again when one of these big storms is out there, not everyone can just vacate their homes at the snap of a finger. As long as those who hunker down understand the risks and what can happen to them, I tend to think they should be allowed that freedom.

For all in the storm’s path, I wish you safety.

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